About Academic Analytics

Iowa State University subscribes to Academic Analytics (AA), an online, subscription-based database that allows research institutions across North America to compare select research metrics and scholarly productivity. AA aggregates, curates, visualizes, and contextualizes data on faculty members' research and scholarly productivity to create a comprehensive database, which includes more than 270,000 faculty members associated with more than 9,000 Ph.D. programs and 10,000 departments at more than 385 universities in the United States.

Data and Tools

Iowa State's subscription provides university administration access to AA's database, Research Insight tool, and custom reports. The AA tools provide information on some scholarly accomplishments and how our departments compare nationally.

The data are structured to provide a comparative view of metrics at a discipline-by-discipline level, as well as provide an overall comparison of university performance. Data are collected in six principal areas of scholarly activity:

  • Publication of scholarly works (e.g., books, journal articles)
  • Citations in selected journal articles
  • Research funding by federal agencies
  • Dollar amount awarded from nationally competitive grants
  • Select honorific awards
  • Number of journal articles, citations, books, grants by tenure-track faculty members

Additional information about Academic Analytics is available at www.academicanalytics.com.

Participating Units